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Visiting Professor Seminar Series
Visiting Professor Seminar Series
Dec 7 2012 12pm-1pm
New Research Building Auditorium
This event is limited to Georgetown University students, faculty and staff.
“Update on the BAP1 Story in Uveal Melanoma
and Mesothelioma: A Tale of Metastasis
Suppressors, Chromatin Biology and Ubiquitin
Mediated Epigenetic Gene Regulation”

Speaker: Frank Rauscher, III, Ph.D.

Professor and Founder,
The Gene Expression and Regulation Program
Deputy Director for Basic Science,
The Wistar Institute Cancer Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pizza will be available at 11:50 am

Presented by the Tumor Biology Program and
Georgetown University and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Sponsor Dr. Jeffrey Toretsky: jat42@georgetown.edu

For further information, please contact Karen Shepherd at bivinsk@georgetown.edu
Karen Shepherd bivinsk@georgetown.edu
Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center