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Acrylic Painting-Nevin Bossart (Open to Patients/Staff)
Acrylic Painting-Nevin Bossart (Open to Patients/Staff)
Dec 4 2012 12pm-2pm
Concentrated Care Center CCC6406B Conference Room
This event is limited to Georgetown University students, faculty and staff.
All Medical Community Staff are invited to paint with Acrylic
Artist Nevin Bossart Tuesdays starting November 27th. Take a
break, bring your lunch and grab a paintbrush –no experience

Sessions run from 12-1pm and 1-2pm

***Space is limited, so please RSVP to nmp4@georgetown.edu to confirm a spot***

Nevin Bossart worked as a chef for over twenty years for the Clyde’s Restaurant Group in Washington DC at Clyde’s of
Georgetown, The Old Ebbitt Grill and The Tombs his professional career turned down a much unexpected path. In January
2005, Nevin was diagnosed with cancer and began his treatment with Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at
Georgetown University Hospital. During his six week stay, he rediscovered his hobby of painting with acrylics. As his
painting progressed it soon became apparent that this self-therapy was beneficial in his healing process. Upon a successful
recovery from cancer, Nevin decided not to return to the restaurant business, and instead accepted a position as an artist in
residence at GUH. Since July 2008 Nevin has been devoted to staff projects where he introduces the basics of painting in a
simple and relaxed way.
Natalie Regan nmp4@georgetown.edu
This Staff Morale Program is funded by The Frederick Henry Prince IV Family Hospital Morale Program