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Visiting Professor Seminar Series
Visiting Professor Seminar Series
Nov 1 2013 12pm-1pm
New Research Building Auditorium
This event is limited to Georgetown University students, faculty and staff.
Visiting Professorship Seminar Series

Topic: “Defining Pathways to Personalized Cancer Prevention”

Speaker: Funmi Olopade, MD, FACP, OON

Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine
Director, Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics and Global Health
University of Chicago Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois

Sponsor: Beth N. Peshkin, MS, CGC

Pizza will be available at 11:50 am

Presented by the Fisher Center for Familial Cancer Research, Georgetown University, and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
For further information, please contact Karen Shepherd at bivinsk@georgetown.edu
Karen Shepherd bivinsk@georgetown.edu
Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center